Gali Nahari[And]Nir Peled

I was born on the 26
of February 1975, and grew up in Givatayim since then.
I learned chemistry at high school and continued this subject in "Tel-Aviv University" for one year, after I finished serving in the army. But then I decided to pass to "Shenkar College".
Hobbies: Dancing, T.V and Trips.
Nir & Gali_pic I was born on the 21 of April 1972 in Haifa and when I was one year old my family moved to Holon.
I learned "Automation Control" in ORT Holon high School.
After I finished serving the army for four years as an officer and worked for two years, I started learning in "Shenkar".
Hobbies: Sport, Sleep, Computers and Trips.

Both of us learning in "Shenkar College" Ramat Gan, for the third year in "Indastrial Menegment" trend.
As friends for two years and becuase we love to travel, we have been in three tours abroad and visited in Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Greece and a lot of trips around Israel.
This year as students each of us participate in "Perah" project, that help children in studies and personal problems.
We give you this amazing site about "Apples" as apples lover and as a project we need to do in "Multimedia and Interface" course.

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