There is the old classic joke
about the cowboy who plays
in a game he knows is fixed.
When asked why he plays in a
game he can't beat, his response is...

It's the only game in town!

About the Creator

I started playing Poker two are three years ago. I wanted to play after seeing the movie "Rounders."
My birthday was coming up at the time so when some friends asked me what birthday present I would like, I requested a set of Poker chips.
Then I asked my friends to indulge me by trying to play a game one night. Most of us had very little experience playing "Hold'em" so we got off to a rusty start.
But overall we enjoyed it and started playing every week, all of us improving gradually.
Little by little I started to appreciate the finer points of the game, and realized that it is indeed one of those games that "takes a minute to learn and a lifetime to master."
I don't play poker online and have no professional aspirations.

I am a Software Engineering student in the Shenkar College of Design and Engineering. I am in my senior year.
I have been building Web sites since 1996. The first Web site I made was for a book report in Middle school, and the first book I read about Web design was "HTML 4 for dummies."
Around 2005 I started learning about dynamic Web sites, and have since adopted as my Web development platform.
More recently I became development in client-side development and using the server strictly as a data-store.
I am currently working as a Web developer for an established Israeli Web sites company.