There is the old classic joke
about the cowboy who plays
in a game he knows is fixed.
When asked why he plays in a
game he can't beat, his response is...

It's the only game in town!

Welcome to "The Only Game in Town," a site for Poker lovers!

  • "The birth of Poker" chronicles the game's rich history in the old-days.
    Tales of cowboys sitting in the taverns of the wild-west, playing cards and drinking whiskey.
    And also mobsters in dark basements playing for high stakes.
  • "The rebirth of Poker" chronicles the game's modern rebirth in the new millenium.
    An exploration of the triggers that made "Texas Hold'em" the most popular form of Poker in the modern-era.
    And also how every average-joe now thinks he can make it big playing the game.
  • "Poker multimedia" showcases the game as seen by the people who love to play it.
    A video of the creator's friends playing the game, and flickr photos of random people from around the globe.
  • "Poker humor" delights readers with jokes that only true Poker fans will understand.
    Half the fun of playing the game is sitting around the table with friends, making jokes (and fun of each other).
  • "Poker in Israel" recounts the embracement of the game by Israeli players.
    This includes details on a world-renowned Israeli player, Poker on Israeli TV, and the game's legal status.