Uri Kutai - Founder

Uri Kutai was born in 1956 Tel Aviv ,Israel.
As a creative and artistic child he engaged himself in drawing, painting and music, i.e: the trumpet and performed on stage in Israel and several European countries as a member of the Tel Aviv youth orchestra. Uri has always been interested in science and during his studies of a B.Sc in mechanical engineering at Tel Aviv University he taught mathematics and physics to a high school.

In 1982 Uri has started his professional career as a stress engineer specializing in design & analysis of aircraft structures Uri has worked on various leading aviation projects in Israel, USA, Canada, Turkey and Russia.

In 1995 Uri completed his second BS.c in civil engineering at Haifa Technion and established his own firm " U.B.G Kutai structural engineering ltd " which provides services of design & analysis of concrete and steel structures. Uri has become talented in combining pleasure with business as he explored the world during his career and traveling became his second nature.