(and maybe the world...)

maiores velocius firmior

In Latin: bigger
faster stronger
New development in the gaming industry are an outcome of technological achivments like :

hand-held consoles
smaller and stronger GPU'S

Projshield Controls Fibre
Tegra 4
The next decade of online games will bring us:

Augmented Reality
Social gaming

Facebook games

We ARE mobile...

By 2015, over 200 million Americans - about 65% of the US - will have smartphones or tablets.

Mobile Gaming, The Way Of The Future

Then & Now

Pixel snake eating Pixels... something.
Full-on gaming Awesomeness...

Where we are going?

Here are some examples of the near future trends in mobile gaming:

Hit Games Can Come From Anywhere.
More AAA games on mobile.
More social base games.
The Freemium Model Has Potential…
Tablet Gamers Download & Play More.
Word of Mouth Is the Key Driver for Game Downloads.

Augmented Reality and Gaming

Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with live video and the user's environment in real time.

A.R JSF-Helmet A.R Head-Set Google Glass Story

The possibilities are ENDLESS...

BF5 Concept
Ingress - It's time to Move

Obviously, people running with air guns, scaring the crap out of everyone is probably a roadblock, for now...

GSM Realstrike Xapp Gun

There's a lot of progress to be made. But still, the applications of the future looks way cooler than anything we have now...

Save the world ???

Social gaming and Meaningful Play:

Reality Is Broken
Jane McGonigal: Game designer and author, think we can...

So... How Games Can Help Solve Real-World Problems?

Gamers of the world unite!

1 BILLION more in the next decade.

Gamers Unite!

We have an AMAZING human resource...

Gaming - Connecting people

This august, gamers from 16 teams around the world will compete in the DOTA2 International 2015 until only one emerge victorious, the stakes are high and not only reputation is on the line as the prize pool is currently holding over 18 million USD!!! (The highest prize pool in E-sport history).

So, maybe DOTA (or any other MOBA) will not save the world any time soon, but the fact that E-sport is becoming ever more popular and has been recognized as a force to be recon with, has proven time and time again, gaming brings people together, drive them over themselves, units them.

Gaming is a lot about winning, make no mistakes. Competitive gaming even more. But at the end, we are just want to have fun... we want to become something bigger than we really are.

E-sport is one of the few places where nationality is of no importance.

Skills are...

So, what happens next?

Games aren't just for pure entertainment anymore; as gamers, we can change the world...

A Bomb Albert Einstein E=MC^2

do epic things!!!

Gaming done right...

FoldIt Game FoldIt World Without Oil Evoke SuperStruct Free Rice

Better than a "like"...

But real-world problems seem different...

Are they?
Restart? WWO BioBioHazardHazard Zombie Apocalypse
This $#1t can ACTUALLY happen...

Gaming is good for us!

Rewarded for productivity
Working together
Difficult but not impossible
Gamers desire to be a part of a larger story
Games are more
FUN than real life...
Achivment A Gamer's Week This Is Me

We have to ask...

Epic Win

Phil Toledano

So far we've spent
5.93 million years

WOW Logo
5.93 million years ago, humans were just learning to walk as a species...
If half of us play games for an hour a day, we'll be playing games for a combined total of 21 billion hours a week...

Just think what we can accomplish?

5th - H.S in school
By: Alon Nevo
music by: Joel Nielsen - BMS - On a Rail 1 (Black Mesa OST)